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RealVNC Viewer - Pro100 - No Access on Mac OS 10.8

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    RealVNC Viewer - Pro100 - No Access on Mac OS 10.8


    Looking for some help here. Just upgraded to Mac Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and now when I try to access my Pro100 via VNC Viewer for Java, I can get to the log in part where you put in the password, but then it just stops. It goes no further. It is like it does not take the RETURN press to send the password. It just sites like nothing happened.

    I tried it on another machine and got in without issue.

    The RealVNC Version on the Pro100 is ver 4.1. Never updated or anything a it always worked.

    Java Applet Plug-in is Java 7 Update 09.

    Any thoughts?
    Last edited by David Bott; November 12, 2012, 09:51 AM.

    I am having the same (almost the same) problem. I am running OSX 10.9.1. I think it's related to Java 7, which seems to be the newest release. Anyone solve this problem?