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Converting large HS2 software installation to Pro-100

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    Converting large HS2 software installation to Pro-100

    Hello, I have bought a pro-100. I have a fully functional and complex (to me) HS2 software installation on a regular computer and want to convert it to the Pro-100. My questions are. 1) will all these interfaces and devices work with the Pro-100. 2) What is the simplest approach for converting my existing system to the hardware Pro-100.

    My interfaces are

    Z-troller with some 100 devices
    MCSsprinklers with Rain8Relay hardware
    BC4 and BC4 ir setup with TV system and other devices
    Proliphix thermostat
    RFXcom with receivers/transmitter and lots of Oregon Scientific devices
    RFX charts
    z-wave thermostat
    Vista alarm with ad2usb hardware and lots of devices
    ACT TI103
    Insteon with a few devices
    ipPower with a few devices
    UPB with a few devices
    X10 with a few devices

    I have 2 Quatech internet to RS232 com hardware boxes (QSE 100) installed on the existing computer to provide com ports around the house. I would like to move these the Pro-100.

    And then there is the issue of wanting to preserve all my events and devices...

    I think that is it!

    Thanks in advance...

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    What version of the Homeseer software are you running? Make sure both are at the same version number. Make a backup copy of the HomeSeer directory on the computer. Make sure you know what port numbers are on all your serial devices in your current system.

    Shut down current system - move serial devices to Pro-100 utilizing same serial ports numbers

    Start up Pro-100 to make sure all serial devices start-up properly.

    Shut down HomeSeer -copy the Homeseer directory that you backed up from the computer system and overlay the HomeSeer directory on the Pro-100 - restart the Pro-100 and you should be up and running


      Thanks, I am using the latest beta but the pro-100 hasn't arrived and so don't know what version it will have, but I will make sure they are the same exact version.

      I also found this thread "How To move a HomeSeer configuration to another system or HomeTroller":