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Events Logic Coming fromVera

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  • Events Logic Coming fromVera

    I have ben up and running on Homeseer for two weeks after being on Vera for two years. I used PLEG for the following logic:
    We have two Garage Doors... Door1 & Door2
    Have a sensor on the Kitchen door from the garage.
    I want to turn on the Hallway lights when entering the house through the garage

    If either Door1 or Door2 open prior to Kitchen door opening then the Hallway lights are turned on.

    I need to identify that either Door1 or Door2 were opened prior to the Kitchen door opening. Otherwise when I leave the Hallway light will go on automatically once the Kitchen door is open and then either of the Garage Doors are opened.

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    You can write two events for this. The first one looks for either Door1 Or Door2 changing to Open, then restarts a timer. The second event looks for a trigger of the kitchen door opening and a condition of the timer being less than something like 2 minutes and greater than 0, then turn on the hall light, stop the timer and set the timer to 0.


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      Thanks John

      I had actually thought about that. I was just wondering if there was a simpler equivalent to what I would have done in PLEG


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        This is one of those areas that I found PLEG was actually a bit easier to use (sequences). You can do it with Timers, but it becomes a pain to manage.


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          You could do a script, I'd need to sit down and think about but shouldn't be hard


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            Can you use the "Device has a value that just changed" for the Garage Doors? Any idea how long that assumes that change has been made?


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              Originally posted by jquincy View Post
              Can you use the "Device has a value that just changed" for the Garage Doors? Any idea how long that assumes that change has been made?
              Could you please elucidate on what you mean by this? Any trigger for an event is only an instantaneous occurrence. Duration isn't considered by the event engine in any way for triggers.

              The plugin BLRadar is good at automating this type of event. Though it can be done with timers and the like.
              Originally posted by rprade
              There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


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                Coming from Vera and using PLEG each device has a true and a false time. Or open and closed time. A little difference than a trigger that has only a instantaneous point in time. I have decided to go the timer route.