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Multiple Z-Nets with scene controllers

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  • Multiple Z-Nets with scene controllers

    New user from Vera trying to figure out some of the basic, but different methods for operations on HS3.
    I have a Cabana separated from my house by 40 feet and a pool house another 100 feet further back. I am thinking I will need 2 maybe 3 Z-Nets? To meet the WAF, I have scene controllers (ZRC-90US) stationed so she doesn't have to have a cell phone out to operate scenes / events. I also have a couple of GE remotes (45601) that can be directly associated with devices in the same network to turn on / off lights.
    With Vera, I had 1 master Vera 3 (held PLEG and scenes) and 3 slaves versa (one just for locks, one at the cabana and one at the pool house and everything was connected via Ethernet).

    1) Would each Z-Net be its own network and have its own set of devices? Or are devices added through any of the Z-Nets and just reside on HS3?
    2) Does HS3 see these as separate networks? If they are separate, then the scene controller would only be able to "talk" with the devices on its own network.
    3) MacroMark had mentioned something from another thread (sorry I don't remember where) about associating the scene controller with HS3 instead of the device and then use events. How is that done? It sounds like that would work fine for the ZRC-90US since it will run events, but the GE remotes will not use off commands and therefore will be direct light control and that seems like that would exclude it from being able to be associated with HS3 and still talk directly to the lights on separate networks.

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    Welcome Wizard of Oz to the HomeSeer world of automation.

    Here are a few answers to your questions.

    1) Would each Z-Net be its own network and have its own set of devices?

    Yes. A project I'm on is a large school campus where we have 12 Znets, and there are 12 networks, each having their own inventory of devices enrolled. The devices RESIDE on the znet they were enrolled to.

    2) Does HS3 see these as separate networks?

    Yes, however to you it will seem transparent, and happen in the background, HS addresses devices by their Networks Address and their Reference ID. So a switch on Network "B" can change status to ON and a HS EVENT can turn on a Light on Network "C".

    3) associating the scene controller with HS3

    The word "scene" seems pretty diminished in the HS forum, things are more event driven, a status changes (Trigger) then (conditions) are checked, then an (action) is taken. This action might set up the lighting in your home for a scene, such as watching a movie.

    Device Associations works and in my house which is fully integrated I only use in one place and that is for a 3-way lighting circuit, where the remote switch is associated to the master dimmer switch. The remote controls the master without help from a HS Event

    Hope this helps you some... have fun

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      I understand about using the word scenes (Damn Vera). Events are what I will use. About the same z wave scenario as Vera with slaves except that it will work, as opposed to just when it feels like it.
      I guess my plans for using a handheld remote paired on network B will not be able to associate with a light switch paired in network C?
      Thanks for the info


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        Just in case anyone has the same issue. If you are using more than one Z-Net, the best way to handle it is to have your router assign a static IP address for each Z-Net and then set HS3 under the Z-Wave controller management section to Ethernet Interface vs HS3 Z-Net interface. HS3 kept getting confused with the later setting.