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Coming from VERA - Where's the STOP button?

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  • Coming from VERA - Where's the STOP button?

    New HomeSeer user here, coming from Vera. I have a question regarding the control of my Somfy awning and curtains which are connected to Z wave via a Somfy ZRTSI controller which converts Somfy RTS to Z-Wave.

    This worked well on Vera because it gave me 3 control buttons (Up, Down and Stop) which replicated the three buttons on the Somfy remote. HS3, on the other hand, gives me just two buttons on the binary switch (Up and Down) - no Stop! The multilevel switch gives me Up and Down plus a sliding scale with % open but this doesn't work - no response from awning/curtains when adjusting the sliding scale.

    So, bottom line, how do I make the awning stop? I don't want it to go all the way out, so, on Vera, I set it to Stop after 10 seconds. How Can I do this in HS3?

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    I'd try rescanning the device a couple of times in case HS has missed that option, I know that I have rescanned some lighting devices and they have come back with additional controls (I ended up with start/stop dimming buttons I never had before).


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      OK, thanks. Tried rescanning but it made no difference.