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[How To] Vera UI7 Primary + HS3 Secondary

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  • [How To] Vera UI7 Primary + HS3 Secondary

    This pulls your Z-Wave network in from Vera to Homeseer. It DOES NOT link Vera or Homeseer in any way.

    Procedure that worked for me...

    Under PLUN-INS -> Z-Wave -> Controller Management
    expand 'Z-Wave Interfaces'

    'Actions' drop-down select... Receive Network from another Controller
    Click 'Start' button

    message box will have text similar to:

    Replicate Receive started...
    Replication in progress, please wait...
    Activate the "Send" function on the source controller while it is close to your HomeSeer interface...
    DONE - Replication Receive Operation is Complete.
    Done. Node 65 Added.
    In Vera: it will create a new device named, "_Scene Controller 2"
    In Homeseer: under Z-Wave Networks and Options you will see a new HomeID line item with a bunch of text in red next to it. This is fine, it is the Vera controller you just added

    In Homeseer menu:
    Plug-Ins -> Manage ... Stop and then Restart the plugin
    Plug-Ins -> Z-Wave -> Controller Management ... Actions: Import Node Info from Controller and Scan Devices

    It runs for several minutes - be patient, the more devices you have the longer it will take. Mine took about 10 minutes.

    Bunch of text will start scrolling in the message box, starting with text similar to the below. You'll know it is complete when your 'Close' button lights up and in the message box you see "Finished with Z-Wave device synchronization."

    Loading network information from your Z-Wave interface...
    Synchronizing network information against HomeSeer devices...
    Getting Z-Wave node list for network 016B847C...
    Found 31 Z-Wave nodes
    Syncing Z-Wave nodes with device list...
    Synchronize nodes finished. Number of device nodes to be created/added = 31
    Device synchronization needs to get Z-Wave class information for 30 nodes.
    4 out of 5 Child devices of node 50 were created successfully.
    Finished with Z-Wave device synchronization.

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      I find these processes confusing and perhaps you can help me.
      Unfortunately your description above lacks the activity that you did on Vera.

      I need to move devices from HS3 to Vera Plus.
      Pressing “Send network information to another controller” on HS3 and “Copy Z-Wave network from a primary to Vera” on Vera results in nothing.

      Do you know why my attempt is failing?