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Looking for simple security panel to integrate

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  • Looking for simple security panel to integrate

    I have a HS-SEL system, UPB, Nest and am looking for the easiest way to integrate a very simple security panel with less than 16 zones (8 might work) to get smokes and doors integrated in the the HA system. This is retrofit, but it looks like I could hardware sensors on most of the doors as well as the smokes.

    I really am looking for simple here but would like it to easily integrate with Homeseer. Price matters but not that much. I really don't want to spring for an Elk panel but would like simple features like the alarm it self, 3 doors, some smokes and basic arm/disarm capability. At the very most two keypads, would really like to be able to arm/disarm from the automation server.

    DSC seems like it might be a good choice thus far. Any suggestions?

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    I would recommend the DSC line. It works and it's inexpensive and has at least two plugins for HS3.


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      Yeah. DSC. It's rock solid, affordably, easy to set up and actually has three plugins (Blade, Spud and HS).
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        Thanks for the input, I'll grab a simple DSC panel and get going.


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