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Migrating from Wink Hub 2 to HomeSeer

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  • Uncle Michael
    My guess is the answer is that there is no migration path besides starting over, but you should post your question in the forum for the plug-in. That will make it more likely that someone with specific knowledge will see your question.

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  • MichaelBender
    started a topic Migrating from Wink Hub 2 to HomeSeer

    Migrating from Wink Hub 2 to HomeSeer

    I am retiring my Wink Hub 2 and installing HomeSeer to control my Lutron Caseta devices, HomeSeer Z-Wave wall switches and some various Z-Wave sensors. Is there any migration path from Wink or do I need to reset all my Luton Caseta devices to dissociate them form the Wink Hub 2 and then reassociate them with the Lutron hubs?