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    You might want to entertain using Homeseer or 3rd party AD stuff and wired motion sensors for sure bet motion detection.

    Here utilize a 180° ceiling mounted PIR plus a wall mounted PIR and it works fine 99% of the time.

    Heck here still using a serial connection to my Thermostat due to WAF.

    That said these days leave the thermostat alone and just watch the status mostly.
    - Pete

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      Please do not misunderstand me, I am going to stick with homeseer, for I know that many of my fellow Stargate enthusiasts from the last 20-plus years have made the switch and it works for them. There are just a lot of of small issues that keep popping up that are semi fatal to normal operations and I've sorely lacking a manual that is all encompassing. Sure, just go online and watch a video but that's not necessarily an optimal solution particularly for someone who is used to referring to a manual in real time. I can also say that the S6 Pro arrived with a windows image that was probably MONTHS out of date, regarding windows security and maintenance updates. It also was set up by default, such that I could NOT get into it from my laptop on the same network. I finally found the solution, a configuration option on the S6 in the windows networking setup, that was preventing me from simply accessing the cotton-pickin' S6 from my Dell laptop. Now, I'm not the brightest LED in the string, but I was a certified Novell network engineer back in the 80s/90's, set up hundreds of networks including Citrix back when it was the only server/thin client running OS/2 and Win NT to dumb terminals. Ran an entire 900+ bed hospital's pharmacy system on PCs when everyone said it couldn't be done, got them live in a couple of freakin' weeks. So I'm calling the product I was shipped frankly an embarrassment. It ran windows updates for literally several days. And the setup config to prevent other computers on the network from seeing/accessing it was a royal PITA. Look, I get it, everything has got warts, and developing a feature set rapidly, no coder wants to write documentation. I've done that for a living. But for the software I was writing, no one used it as much as I did, and it was better for me to write the docs, because in the long run I got fewer support calls and a lot more recommendations to "buy the software". Right now I'm not inclined to tell anyone that doesn't like struggling with software and hardware, that it's going to be fun. Cause so far, it ain't. But I will get there, eventually. SO don't bag it all up, and give up on migration, cause Jeff ain't making 'em any more, and the expected lifespan of some of the chips on the StarGate are wayyyyyy past their expected service life. Like the voice board, for example. If I can remember where that stupid default setting was on the S6 Pro, that came configured to NOT ALLOW any other PCs on the same network to map or access it, I'll post it. I just know I was so relieved/pissed off when I finally killed that sucker I hadda go fix a margarita (or three). So it can be done. maybe.