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  • Z-Wave

    i've been a homeseer user for many years. i use mostly UPB. getting started with Z-Wave...are the zstick and znet your only options? why choose one over the other. would someone please give me a quick lesson on how to choose an interface. i'm running hs pro on a desktop computer.

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    ZStick is the Aeotec USB solution, there's also the HomeSeer brand USB stick, the smart stick+
    Obvious advantages of the znet, using it means the location of your z-wave interface is not tied to your server location. You can position it centrally in your home to achieve the shortest diatance to all nodes.
    Other users have also indicated the znet has a better antenna. I don't know for certain as I only own the smart stick. However I am considering moving to a znet having just installed a proper server rack. Having the reciever inside a metal cage isn't doing me any favours.

    Smart stick or zstick obviously have a big price advantage. I can't say I've had any short comings with the smart stick. If the environment is suitable/sensible it performs dutifully.