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    Hi all.. I am contemplating switching over to HomeSeer from my Wink Hub 2. Devices currently connected to the Wink Hub are a bunch of Tradfri bulbs for lamps, GE Z-Wave Plus switches, one Lutron Caseta switch, Rachio sprinkler controller and a GoControl GD00Z-4. Also have several WiFi switches and plugs but those are not connected to the Wink Hub. Lately my Wink Hub has become slow to respond and I think it might have something to do with the number of devices connected...not sure.

    I am looking for something that gives me more local control but I'm not sure what all will be needed to switch to HomeSeer for my setup. With my Wink Hub, everything I have works directly with it. My Tradfri bulbs I just add as generic Zigbee and they work without the Ikea Gateway or anything else. It's my understanding that with HomeSeer, I will need to get the software itself which is $230-$ a couple USB dongles for Zigbee and Z-Wave...then I will need to get various Plug-Ins on top of all this as well, correct?