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Migrating from Wink Hub to Homeseer

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  • Migrating from Wink Hub to Homeseer


    I'm new to Homeseer. I'm trying to get started with the HomeTroller Zee S2 hub. I've gotten through the start up procedure but I'm now trying to get my devices active.

    I've been using Wink for some time. Do I need to "disconnect" my devices from Wink first?

    Devices I'm using are:
    Schlage locks - I assume this is Z wave device but can’t seem to find it.
    Lutron Caseta dimmers and pico remote - Not using the bridge. Do I now need to use the bridge to access this device.
    iHome plug in on/off switches - Are these not supported by Homeseer?
    Cree lightbulbs - Not supported?

    Thanks for any help in getting started.

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    For any zwave devices you will need to remove them from their existing zwave network and add them to the new zwave network.

    For the locks you can determine if they are zwave by the model number

    I have a few Lutron dimmers and picoc. You will need the bridge and a 3rd party driver.

    The ihome and cree I am not sure.


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      - If your devices are Z-Wave then yes you would need to remove/delete their association from their current Z-Wave interface and then added to the new ZeeS2 Z-Wave interface.
      - I'm not too familiar with Lutron Caseta but I believe you will have to use a 3rd party plugin for these devices. Check out the HS3 updater using Plugins > Manage and slide down to the Additional Interfaces and expand this. The Lutron Caseta plugin is listed under Lighting & Primary Technology. All of HS3 plugins come with a free 30 day trial to see if you like what they offer.
      - Have a look at the beta CPS Tuya plugin for the iHome devices as I believe this will work or at least the plugins author will be able to tell you if it will work with your devices. Here's a direct link to the forum.
      - Hopefully someone else will chime in on the cree bulbs as I know there's a 3rd party plugin but I've not used these at all.