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Easy migration from Vera to HS3

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  • Easy migration from Vera to HS3

    As the title implies, I'm wondering if there is a quick way to migrate, rather than excluding each module from Vera and including in HS3. Also, I've been running Insteon products with the altsteon plugin, anyone know if the association is handled by the PLM to where I can just hook it in and have my devices be available? The fanlincs are a pain to get to. Thanks in advance!

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    See this post for information:


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      Originally posted by Rupp View Post
      Thanks for the quick reply Rupp, man, the migration is going to suck but not as hard as Vera does!


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        I as a few others that are regulars on the board have done the same change over. It was a pain with 50 plus devices and redoing all the events, but I had it 80 percent done within one week and very happy.

        Ask away and we will help. One thing to wrap your head around that got me for a bit is the event structure between the two. Forget everything you know about PLEG and work to understand triggers vs conditions in homeseer. They put some YouTube vids up to help too.