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Migrating from an ISY99-4i

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    Another vote for keeping your ISY and using Bob's excellent plug-in to run it through HomeSeer. The combination is tough to beat. Easy and flexible task automation through HSPro leveraging your existing investment in the powerful and stable ISY platform.

    HomeSeer's strength lies in it automation engine and extensible modular plug-in based expansion ability which allows it to take "competing" technologies and turn them into cooperating ones.

    Add a z-net to handle z-wave and you've got the bulk of the "normal" automation stuff (lights, motion detectors, door/window sensors) covered. Add some more plug-ins for AV equipment, temperature monitoring and control, irrigation, etc and things can get really interesting and extremely powerful and highly integrated.

    My favorite is my one button or voice command "Go to Sleep". One action triggers the following...It turns off all 9 lights on the first floor, turns off the TV and the receiver, notifies me audibly if any doors or windows are open, turns on the lights on the stairs and upstairs hallway, lights up the master bedroom and master bath, turns on the master bedroom TV, sets the Tivo to the news channel, set's the alarm system to perimeter mode, sets the exterior security cameras to the night time motion monitoring profile, locks all the first floor door locks, sets the first floor interior cameras to motion/record mode, waits 5 minutes, turns off the lights on the stairs. Waits 5 more minutes, turns off the hallway lights. Safety, convenience, security, simplicity.
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