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Capture a list of scenes in Vera

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  • Capture a list of scenes in Vera

    Any clever way to output a useful list of all the scenes created in Vera? Even better if it has the actual logic as well?

    Event viewer got close, but outputed pretty bad to excel.

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    I'm also trying to figure this out. So far, I'm using Eventwatcher* to view a list of scenes and associated triggers/actions/custom LUUP. But it doesn't tell me which actions are immediate vs. delayed (and length of delay). I'm also browsing UI5-Automation-Triggers & Schedules. I can deconstruct some things based on the "Last run" info. But I guess I'm in for a manually intensive review of all of my scenes.

    I was trying to decompress a Vera backup file - there are a bunch of .lzo files that I can't figure out how to open (lzop doesn't recognize). There's a thread here talking about uncompressing on the Vera itself but this is beyond me

    * For Eventwatcher, I'm just doing a Save As (Webarchive in Safari or Webpage Complete in Chrome). Looks like there's a way to convert the Google Datatable format to csv ( but I'm OK viewing as a webpage.


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      Maybe ask on the Vera forum. It's been a long time since I last touched that death box.


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        Here's one way to dump all of your user config data:
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