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How do I get ZFlash to use the CORRECT interface?

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    How do I get ZFlash to use the CORRECT interface?

    This system has multiple Z-Net devices. It worked correctly on the first one ( but now will not switch over to the next Z-Net interface ( I have tried closing the ZFlash app and restarting it, and even thought the "Z-Net IP Address" clearly shows it is clearly still accessing the wrong interface at (see double-ended red arrow.)

    How do I get ZFlash to quit fixating on the old interface and switch to the new interface.

    I suspect that it might have something to do with the buttons label "Erase Interface" or "Add To/Remove From Existing System" but both of these have names that are too scary and too non-descriptive to just try them.

    How do I move to the next Z-Net interface on the ext IP address?

    Click image for larger version

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    Same problem here. Anyone?


      Welcome to the club. Sorry, but it is not a very exclusive club.

      No known solution or workaround.


        Not a Z-Flash user - but have you tried disabling the unwanted interface in the Z-Wave plugin while running the Z-Flash procedure.

        (Whatever you do, don't "Erase this interface" !!)


          Yes. HS has admitted it is a bug. But it is not a high enough priority to fix.