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How to troubleshoot with or without zseer+ - this is my learning opportunity

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    How to troubleshoot with or without zseer+ - this is my learning opportunity

    I'm not really seeing an advantage to the zeer+ tool at this point. I have a device that is a remote switch WT00Z-1 (I have many, but one is in need of troubleshooting). Using z-seer+ I notice the following attributes:
    gocontrol or linear wt00z-1 *brand doesn't matter, same product
    *this switch does not control any load directly, hence I call it a remote control. I am currently using the association group to control all the banks of can's in my great-room. I am not aware that I can run an event that would toggle the great room can banks on/off, so this is where I am at with this today.

    Direct Route to myuzb stick
    passes every start command test
    fails every response test
    If I set return route1a&b/2a&b/3a&b, it doesn't seem to listen to it (is that the nature of zwave, I think so, but then what is the point of a set route option)
    If I fully optimize it doesn't seem to help (doesn't HS3 do an optimization in the wee hours anyway? I thought it did)
    I can set command route to devices logically placed between the faulty switch and other functional switches and re-run the test - doesn't help

    I would likely be able fix this if I exclude, re-discover the zwave switch using ztool app on my phone, but wiping it is not what I am shooting for, I am trying to understand how to fix it without a full reset of the device. *I acknowledge the device itself could be faulty, but that seems unlikely to me*

    Have you tried doing a power cycle by toggling the breaker? Have you tried removing and resetting the associations? Have you tried rescanning the device?

    There is reasonable probability that the switch has become faulty. The GoControl garage door openers were extremely prone to failure.

    Have you added any electronic equipment that may be interfering? Have you changed polling lately that could be related?

    Just thoughts on items that may be causing the problem.



      My activity with HomeSeer is very intermittent. Just following up after tinkering today. Looks like the Linear WT00z-1 is faulty. Looks like I have two of them in my home that are faulty.


        I quit using linear and evolve switches. The most reliable switches are Cooper, HomeSeer and Leviton. This is from my reading in the forum. I have had good luck with the GE Enbrighten. Old Jasco die in about 3 years. Homeseer WS100 die often. The 200's are better and the WD100 have held up. I had many more failures until I put surge protection at all the panels. Made a huge difference as we are very close to major substation and storms were an issue.