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Z-tool won't connect

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    I am having the same problem. I disabled the local firewall but that didn't help. Any input is appreciated...


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      Finally got the no connection (grayed out buttons; JSON error; GetInterfaces error)... need to open the firewall to allow both the JSON port (11000 is the default) AND, that was the big one, the main URL Port for HS3 -- in my case 85. That allows it to get to the interfaces and then the 11000 for all the rest... sigh


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        I'm now getting the ""Error connecting to homeseer, version or later is required, or JSON disabled:An error occurrred while sending the request". when I try this on my android phone.

        Support had me back off the zwave beta back the release... thought that might be it. Reinstalled beta - no go.
        Tried ecetron advice with the two ports... still doesn't work.
        Tried just turning the Firewall off... nope.

        I use this all the time,... any ideas what to try next?