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Yale Assure - New to ZWAVE

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  • Yale Assure - New to ZWAVE

    I'm so frustrated. I hope someone can help.

    I bought a Yale Assure door lock. It works great but I bought a Z-Wave module for it. I tried Smartthings and didn't like it so I bought a Znet interface. I have been a customer of homeseer for years and mostly use UPB. I just can't get the darn lock to connect. I downloaded the Z-Tool for my phone.

    The problem is that you put in your password and select 7...then you're supposed to select 1 to "enroll" the module in the network. I'm only getting an option for 3...she tells me to disconnect from the zwave network. Please help.

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    Do a factory reset, and then enroll. You need to remove the battery and the inside half to access the reset button.

    To reset, hold the reset button down for 3 seconds and then insert the batteries. As soon as the batteries are installed, release the reset button.


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      Thank you.