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  • Z-TOOL +

    Has anyone else had a problem with the Z tool app on their phone? I have the recommended settings done on my Homeseer and phone, I can see my homeseer on my phone and I get my ip address on my phone in the app. BUT I get a error 404 every time. The helpdesk says it must be a network issue??? Everything else seems to be working fine.

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    Which phone are you using?


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      Zwave+ crashing on start up in IOS

      I just installed the ZWave+ on my ipad and iphone (latest models) and both crash when I start them. An IP address seems to be in the app but I can't see what it is and I didn't enter anything in.
      Any ideas?


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        I am using a moto x with android version 4.4.4


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          Per Mark:
          • make sure you can connect locally without logging in.
          • make sure JSON is enabled in

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            I do ,that was the first thing I checked. Like I said, everything else seems to work. I can control homeseer through my phone,ipad,computer. But I can't get this app running.


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              I realize this thread is getting kind of old, but thought I would throw this out there.

              Have you tried clearing cache and data for the z-tool+ app?

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                Thread is old, but I am having similar problems. Can see HS3 on my android using both hstouch and crome, but Z-Tool doesn't see the Z-wave network and there is no place to put in the IP address of HS3.

                Don't have a clue about clearing the cache....


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                  no one has seemed to reply back that it is working...

                  got it working?

                  I had a different issue... I am redoing my setup and cleared my ztroller. I carried it around and setup most items. Tonight I added a new light switch but left ztroller hooked up and decided to try this tool.

                  it saw my network, i clicked add and hit switch and it said found new node and adding. It crashed out. I looked and it got added to my network...

                  i just went in after reading this and clicked node connectivity and it saw my new switch and said added successfully so I hit done. I hit optimize and it says that node added again... then do a full optimize and again... weird...
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                    I have a question with the Z-tool. I have a Samsung edge + the software see's my HomeSeer server Ip address. But it won’t connect to it. Just to clarify im using the demo version for now tell I get my new system up and running. Do you need HS3 to have the DNS server setup for the tool to work? At this time I can only get to the HS3 web interface on the computer Im using right now and not on any author PC on the network. Which I think my be the problem. I can use the HS3 search address on a remote PC and it sees it but the Ip address is not giving me the web RUI. I am new to HS3 so Im learning the system right now before I use my registration ID to get off the demo version. Im playing with the Software and learning the in and out of HS3. Any suggestion or ever a link that goes over how the Z-tool works will be grait. one more thing I'm useing the Aeon Labs z-stick for z-wave as well. Thanks