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Z-Tool+ Error GetZWaveStatus

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    Z-Tool+ Error GetZWaveStatus

    I want to add an Aeotec Keyfob into HS3. I use Z-Tool+ android app. I have a Z-Troller. I followed the instructions from the Homeseer Youtube tutorial.

    The device was recognized and added as Node 10. I had a full log page on my phone, that ended with:

    "Z-Troller: Adding association for Z-Wave device Node 10 Z-Wave Aeon Labs Generic Controller Node 10 (Node 10, Group 1) to Homesser."

    Nothing happened for about 1 minute, then I got this error :

    "Error GetZWaveStatus - Error communicating with HomeSeer, you will need to re-select your system. Bad JSON escape sequence:\P.Path 'Response',line 18, position 41."

    At this point, the only option is to acknowledge the error and select my Homeseer server again. This seems to abort the process. I never got to the page where I can define the new device in Z-Tool+.

    In HS3, there's a new device associated to the node, but only the battery status is defined (instead of the 4 buttons), making it unusable with events.

    I've retried this whole process 2 times with the same results.

    Is there anybody that can help me on the error?
    Is there anybody who knows how to completed the set up of my device?

    Thank you!

    Current Date/Time: 2015-11-13 22:30:13
    HomeSeer Version: HS3 Standard Edition
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional - Work Station
    System Uptime: 4 Days 1 Hour 35 Minutes 45 Seconds
    IP Address:
    Number of Devices: 96
    Number of Events: 68

    Enabled Plug-Ins AirplaySpeak BLLock BLUPS HSTouch Server iAutomate RFID Insteon RFXCOM SCSIP
    3.0.5755.18523: UltraMon3
    3.0.5614.14045: UltraNetCam3 Z-Wave
    Attached Files

    First I believe you need the latest beta Z-Wave plugin for this device as some changes were made. It's available in the betas sections of the updater. I'm not sure what's causing that error but after loading the beta plugin try re scanning the device while it's near the Z-Troller and see if it picks up the additional devices.
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      Thanks for the reply Rupp,

      I've installed Beta version and rescaned my Keyfob device. Here's what showed up in HS log:

      Nov-13 23:07:46 Z-Wave Node 10 supports the Wake-Up Command Class Version 2 - Capabilities were retrieved successfully.
      Nov-13 23:07:46 Z-Wave All associations for node 10 have been retrieved successfully, it supports associations on these groups: 1.
      Nov-13 23:07:46 Z-Wave Node 10 Association Group 1 can have 5 associations, and currently has 1
      Nov-13 23:07:46 Z-Wave Getting association information for node 10
      Nov-13 23:07:46 Z-Wave Node 10 is Z-Wave version: Lib: 2.78 App: 1.12
      Nov-13 23:07:46 Z-Wave Node: 10 Controls Class(es): SCENE_ACTIVATION, SWITCH_MULTILEVEL_V2

      Once again, there's only the Battery status available in the HS3 device. There's that message in the log: "Group 1 can have 5 associations, and currently has 1". Could it be related to the 4 buttons missing?



        i get this error when adding an old intermatic switch
        Attached Files
        HS3 Pro on Windows 8 64bit
        53 Z-wave nodes(46 devices, 7 remotes), 15 DS10a's, 10 ms16a's, 9 Oregon Sensors, W800, RFXCOMtrx433, Way2Call, 3 HSTouch Clients, 2xRussound CAS44, Global Cache GC100-12,10 Rollertrol blinds(+ zwave) ,3 Squeezebox Radios and 1 Squeezebox Boom,DMX Arduino via ethernet,Rain8Net,3x Echo Dot's

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          Ive had this error too. I got it a couple times last week as I tried to add various devices.
          I took a screen shot of one of them.
          It was exactly like Raptors screen shot, except is said "line 2" (in place of "line 15") when adding eco link motion sensor.
          baby steps...starting again with HS3
          HS3Pro: Z-NET & 80 Z wave Devices,
          HSTouch: 4 Joggler (Android Kitkat), 2 iPhone, 3 iPads
          Whole House Audio: 5 SqueezePlay Jogglers w Bose Speakers
          In The Works: 10 Cameras Geovision, new Adecmo/Envisalink Alarm, Arduinos
          System: XP on Fanless Mini-ITX w/ SSD