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Z-Tool+ from remote location?

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  • Z-Tool+ from remote location?

    If I have a Z-NET device in a remote location; say a vacation home, can the Z-Tool+ app be used if the HS system is on a different network/remote?

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    I could be wrong but I think you need to be on same network. You could still go through myhs.homeseer to log in then go to the z-wave controller page. Not what you want but a work around.

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      You could use some kind of vpn connection as well which will put you on the same network.

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        Curious about the usage scenario for this. The Z-tool is to add/remove devices primarily -- which assumes that you'll be in the house, no?


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          Normally yes, but the Z-NET allows a remote connection to control a separate location, hence the question about the Z-Tool+.


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            401 error (permission) in z-tool+

            I have the same issue with getting z-tool+ to connect to HS3. I have the right versions, JSON is enabled, and local password is disabled (shudder).

            The reason for the issue in my case is straightforward: I have two LANs running through my firewall; the trusted LAN (and thus all trusted users) uses subnet 172.16.nnn.nnn, and the DMZ LAN is on 192.168.nnn.nnn. HS3 is in the DMZ, because there are situations in which it needs to be accessible from outside. All traffic from the LAN to the DMZ is allowed (e.g., to HS3), but DMZ to LAN is tightly restricted.

            An earlier post suggested that there would be a version of Z-tool+ that would allow more control over the network configuration. My preference would be to allow a password to be entered/stored in the Z-tool+ client, rather than lowering security to allow anyone that reaches the LAN on which HS3 is running to have access.

            What's the short-term and long-term solution?