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Install Z-tool+ v1.8 not possible - Fixed!!

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  • Install Z-tool+ v1.8 not possible - Fixed!!

    Installation of the latest version of Z-tool+ is not possible on my iPhone. The following message will appear:

    "Z-tool+ is not compatible with this iPhone"

    I have iOS 10.0.2 installed on my iPhone.


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    What kind of iPhone?

    I have IOS 10.0.2 on a 6s (IIRC). Z-Tool+ updated automatically yesterday to version 1.8. App opens OK. I'm away from home so can't test beyond that.


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      10.0.2 here on a 6+ and no problems.
      Randy Prade
      Aurora, CO

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        Could it be an international thing? OP is from the Netherlands.

        @John245 - did Z-tool+ work on a previous iOS release?
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          The previous z-tool+ version worked with iOS 9


          Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk


          • #6
            I get the same incompatible message on my iPhone 4 with IOS 9.3.5.

            I know it's an old iPhone but "if it ain't broke don't fix it"...


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              My iPad, older than my iPhone, is having the issue. When it tries to update, it displays "Unable to purchase - Z-tool+ is not compatible with this iPad."


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                The same here when trying to update on my iPhone 5. "Z-tool+ is not compatible with this iPhone"



                • #9
                  Looking into this.
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                    Found the problem, 1.8 was set for 64bit systems only (some auto change made during tools updates). I have submitted version 1.9 to the App Store, will post here once its approved.
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                      Looks like its fixed

                      1.9 is available - it installs on my iPad now.
                      Also appears to fix the original issue; the top of the screen isn't cut off anymore.

                      Now I'll have to buy more zwave stuff to install with it