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How to debug a .Net plugin with Visual Studio 2005

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    How to debug a .Net plugin with Visual Studio 2005

    From a post from Rich:

    In your plugin project:

    1: Debug tab, set the "Start external program" to HomeSeer.exe

    2: Debug tab, set the working directory to where HomeSeer.exe lives
    3: Compile tab, set the build output to your HomeSeer directory

    Step 3 should output the DLL file to your HS folder, but if you change your build profile (e.g. changing from Release to Debug) then settings such as the output folder will change too, so make sure you choose the output folder while in the Debug build setting. After you build, make sure your plugin, and the plugin PDB file (this is the symbol file), is located in your HS folder. If its not, manually copy it, or use the build events in the project properties to copy it.

    Now when you run the project, HS will start, and you can set breakpoints in your plugin.

    This will not work with the Express Editions.

    If you get a software key error, open a help desk ticket and we can give you a .REG file that will remove that error dialog.
    Last edited by Rick Tinker; January 17, 2007, 09:03 AM. Reason: Explained the output folder sometimes not working