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How to convert AAC, DTS, OGG into AC3

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    How to convert AAC, DTS, OGG into AC3

    Probably not a true "How-to" but it might save somebody A LOT of googling...

    Last weekend I spent whole Saturday trying to find some decent way how to convert the AAC audio stream in some of my movies to AC3. The reason was that my wife bought me the WD TV Life player for Christmas, and it can't deal with AAC format which I used in the past to encode some of my BR movies. Well actually it will just pass it to my receiver (older Onkyo) and that can't deal with that. Long story short, after many hours and ~20 different software I found the "Sorcerer's stone". The PopCorn MKV AudioConverter. 3 clicks and you are done!

    Just go here: and follow the tutorial. The page has a link for download as well. If you already have the MKV tool mix and other utilities installed, you can skip the first "download step", but it is easier just to download them again then to set all the paths. If you don't download right away, the software will let you do it later. It will even let you download just the utilities you missing.
    The program will first extract the track ,create temporary wav file, re-encode it to AC3 and marge it back. Speed depends on your PC and size of the track. It takes between 5 to 10 minutes on my 2 cores AMD PC.

    I just wish I'd find this in the morning before I wasted whole day with other (and often paid) programs.