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Docker Chromecast audio issue due to URL not being accessible

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    Docker Chromecast audio issue due to URL not being accessible


    I have recently changed to using a docker setup and Chromecast has broken. However I can see where it appears to be broken.

    Homeseer HS4 Standard Edition (Linux)
    Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Thu Dec 10 05:28:17 UTC 2020)
    Lan IP (d5f905df362e)

    Harmony Hub,

    When I test TTS I get this message

    Playing on Bedroom speaker

    I am unable to play this file because is the internal IP of the container and not externally accessible.

    If I change the IP to the IP of my docker host I can play the audio file.

    Ideally it would be good if somewhere we could specify the IP / hostname that is used and this would fix the problem for anyone behind some kind of proxy device or using docker. This does not appear to be an issue for the HomeSeer UI as it seems to be using relative URLs which allows HS to run on one IP:PORT and have me map it to another with Docker.


    In Setup > Labs > Bind server to IP Address, enter the correct IP address for your HS server, then restart the Chromecast plugin


      Thanks for the response but this doesn't fix the problem. When running under docker using default networking setups, the container gets an IP in a private range (my case that isn't routed onto the host network (my case 192.168.155.X). If you bind the Homeseer server to an IP on the host network (192.168.155.X) that doesn't belong to the container network it will never get the traffic as no traffic destined for 192.168.155.X will ever be delivered to the HomeSeer server. When I had this setup I was unable to even contact the HomeSeer interface.

      The only fixes I can see are attempting to bridge the docker IPs directly onto the LAN, having docker run on a new subnet and then routing between subnets or having URLs return a configurable hostname to use. A configurable hostname would also allow HomeSeer to operate behind other firewall and load balancing setups.

      I was playing with the docker networking, I think it might work but will take a bit of custom network configuration to get working.