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Chromecast and Zoneminder

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    Chromecast and Zoneminder

    Hi All,

    I finally got casting Zoneminder live streams to Chromecast (Nvidia Shield) with Homeseer working. Searched this forum and Google but couldn't find a straight forward answer so I'm writing this post in the hopes it helps someone else.

    Once the Chromecast plug-in is setup and connected, add a new Homeseer Event to use Chromecast.

    Action - Chromecast Actions

    Chromecast Action - Cast Media

    Select your Chromecast device

    Media URL - http://<zoneminder-server>/zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms?&mode=jpeg&monitor=1&user=xxxx&pass=xxxx
    MIME Type - image/jpeg

    You may need to change monitor=1 to the monitor number you are trying to cast.
    I recommend adding a dedicated low privileged ZM user just for this since the user/pass is sent in clear text.
    If you have ZM auth turned off completely then remove the user/pass from the URL.

    Good Luck!