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TTS Stopped Working

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    TTS Stopped Working

    Most of my Chromecast stopped working primarily the displays seems some of the Google Home's still work but my Google Audio stopped working. The following i the log.

    Sep-08 16:52:37 DEBUG Announcements: application started Default Media Receiver
    Sep-08 16:52:37 DEBUG Announcements: chromecast status changed
    Sep-08 16:52:37 DEBUG TX: { "sourceId": "client-7048", "destinationId": "0e52a525-da80-45b4-8f84-fe7326438835", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{"type":"CONNECT"}" }
    Sep-08 16:52:37 DEBUG TX: { "sourceId": "client-7048", "destinationId": "0e52a525-da80-45b4-8f84-fe7326438835", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{"requestId":1322604576,"type":"GET_STATUS"}" }
    Sep-08 16:52:37 DEBUG RX: { "sourceId": "0e52a525-da80-45b4-8f84-fe7326438835", "destinationId": "*", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{"type":"MEDIA_STATUS","status":[{"mediaSessionId":2,"playbackRate":1,"playerState":"I DLE","currentTime":0,"supportedMediaCommands":274447," volume":{"level":1,"muted":false},"currentItemId":1,\ "idleReason":"FINISHED"}],"requestId":0}" }
    Sep-08 16:52:37 DEBUG Announcements: media status changed, player state = Idle
    Sep-08 16:52:37 DEBUG RX: { "sourceId": "0e52a525-da80-45b4-8f84-fe7326438835", "destinationId": "client-7048", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{"type":"MEDIA_STATUS","status":[],"requestId":1322604576}" }
    Sep-08 16:53:29 DEBUG RX: { "sourceId": "Tr@n$p0rt-0", "destinationId": "Tr@n$p0rt-0", "namespace": "", "payloadUtf8": "{"type":"PING"}" }
    Dec-05 17:56:10 ERROR System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
    at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
    at System.Number.ParseInt64(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
    at System.Convert.ToInt64(String value)
    at HSPI_Chromecast.GTTSToken.CalculateToken(String text, String seed)
    at HSPI_Chromecast.ChromecastTarget.SpeakTextEventHandler(Objec t sender, SpeakTextEventArgs args)