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Today Calendar Shows Tomorrow's All Day Events

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    Today Calendar Shows Tomorrow's All Day Events


    I can't seem to crack this one... (see attached screenshot). I'm trying to avoid seeing all-day events from the next day on the Today Calendar, but can't seem to get the recipe correct...

    Any help is appreciated.



    Click image for larger version  Name:	scr1.png Views:	14 Size:	264.3 KB ID:	1490264

    I'll check


      Your Today / Tomorrow range settings are wrong

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2021-08-20 163029.png Views:	0 Size:	20.1 KB ID:	1490373


        I reset the settings to what you've shown (the defaults). Unfortunately, the behavior persists, and I only initially modified the defaults (after observing the issue) to test if the full 24 hours ("all-day" events) was the issue. I thought perhaps the end of the range (when set at 1.00:00:00) was bleeding into the event starting at 00:00, and by restricting the Time Range to 23:59, or less than 24 hours from the Today Range Start (presumably midnight if fixed), I could avert that. Instead, I found that the Tomorrow items appeared in the Today calendar - up to a point. I was able to eliminate them from the today view by limiting to the first x hours of the day and creeping the time window open to include upcoming (Today) events, until they appeared. It seemed as if once I got approximately 20 hours into the time range, they appeared in Today at next poll. Events that are not "all-day" behave as expected, and appear/remove from the Today/Tomorrow views per their start times when the range values are modified accordingly in tests.


          Can you please post screenshots of your settings - the plugin and Today / Tomorrow calendars. I.e "Start time for AllDay events".


          Also enable Log for Today calendar and post relevant log entries