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    Calendar Event Triggers

    This looks like a great plug in. Ideally I want to use this PI to alert/remind me of all my Today appointments at 7:00AM each morning. I have an HS4 event setup with a Calendar Event Occures (Trigger) at 7:00AM, actions will pop up screen balloon messages with Today Calendar's devicestrings, and also send them to my Pushover app so they are on my mobile device. This works.

    But, what I am also trying to do is send myself a 30 min prior reminder of each next coming up event this day. I cannot seem to get it right the next appointment event won't trigger for me. I have a question.

    What is the difference between Calendar Event Reminder (Trigger) and Calendar Event Occures (Trigger)? I must be using them wrong. If you can show me an example I would appreciate it.


    "Calendar Event Occures" triggers when the event starts.
    "Calendar Event Reminder" triggers when "Notification" is set in Google Calendar (originally Google called them reminders).

    So you have two options:

    1. Use "Calendar Event Occures" and set "Trigger Before" to 0:00:30
    2. Use "Calendar Event Reminder" and set Notification in Google Calendar to 30 minutes before the event.

    Both options should work, but personally I prefer "Calendar Event Reminder", so you can adjust the reminder time in Google calendar, instead of going through HS events.


      Thanks Alex. I have it all setup for tomorrow. Will see how things work out I'll let you know.


        Alex - the Calendar Event Occures Trigger works perfectly (with a trigger time before first appt) when I run first thing in the morning on my Today Calendar to show me the entire day.

        I cannot seem to get the Calendar Event Reminder feature to work though. I have been setting up sample Google Calendar appointments with anywhere between 10-30 min notifications and I setup a HS4 event to trigger on Calendar Event Reminder with no text. The event never triggers.

        My other question that I probably missed in your instructions is how are these options used? I have tried "Use Default Calendar Reminders" but that didn't seem to make a difference.

        Although I agree with you to use Reminders rather than Occures triggers I at least have the Occure trigger events working for me.

        Thanks for your help!

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          "Default" reminders are added automatically when you create the GC event - it's set somewhere in GC settings.
          "Event specific" reminder you add manually after the GC event is created.

          For some reason GC reports them differently. Try enabling both.


            Ver (BETA) - Fixed Calendar Event Reminder trigger


            I also updated the trigger docs


              First I tried checking both boxes as you mentioned and no difference. I came back to report and saw your BETA update.

              Just loaded and tried it with a 10 minute reminder, ran a poll and see the plug-in HS device ok but and still no event trigger. These sample GC events are notifying my google mobile app just fine so I assume google is sending out my event notifications ok?

              I tried with both boxes checked and unchecked. Does my PI setting calendar config look ok to you? Not sure what "show started" means

              Let me know if there is anything else you want me to try? Thanks

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                Alex I got it working. I needed to select the one check box "use event specific reminders" only.

                I will continue to test but this looks great. Thanks for the support.


                  Originally posted by will40 View Post
                  Alex I got it working. I needed to select the one check box "use event specific reminders" only.
                  That's assuming you manually add the reminder to the specific GC event.

                  If you add notifications in GC calendar setting (so the reminder is added automatically to each new GC event) - then you need "Use default calendar reminders".

                  I think it's safe to enable both, probably I should make it default.


                    Originally posted by will40 View Post
                    Not sure what "show started" means
                    ​It's described in


                    Originally posted by will40 View Post
                    Alex I got it working. I needed to select the one check box "use event specific reminders" only.
                    So you meant if both are enabled - it doesn't work? I need to check.


                      Thanks for quick reply. All of my calendar events I put in manually with custom notifications depending on travel or a call or a bill to pay if I am at my desk. I also use for reminders/place holders of family functions or house to-do's where I don't need any starting notifications but more of a reminder first thing in the morning when I list my daily events.

                      I am not sure why both checked boxes didn't work for me the first time I updated to the new BETA but it does now. Looks like I am good with the GC event triggers which I was really hoping for.

                      Next I'll look into HS actions based on specific holidays or vacation and occupancy schedules.

                      Very clever and nice work with the plug-in, thank you.