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Introducing AK Traccar plugin

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    Introducing AK Traccar plugin

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    Plugin for displaying GPS tracking information from

    It also works with any GPS tracking server supporting Traccar API (opensource).
    The plugin displays the real time information about registered devices. Which can be a mobile phone, or GPS trackers.

    Supported features:

    * Creates HS devices for the list of devices for the user and coordinates for each device in real time

    * Additional attributes, i.e. course, speed, battery level, etc

    * Display map and address using geocoding services (currently support Google Maps and Geoapify)

    * Display Geofences and current state (in/out)

    There's many more features I'm implementing in coming versions, i.e. vehicle/engine parameters - depending on the GPS OBDII tracker model (also sold by Ozsmartthings).
    For more information about the service please check:
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    Installation / Configuration

    There's not much configuration required.

    After installing the plugin - it creates a new server root device,
    by default pre-configured for

    The server URL should be changed to match your server used.
    This can be also local IP address if you installed Traccar server locally.

    Port, Username and Password don't need explanation.

    When it's all setup - the plugin will automatically pull the list of registered
    devices (trackers) and create HS devices.

    The update rate is for updating the list of devices (trackers) and their status.

    Each device (tracker) has also separate update rate configuration for updating the state and positions (default 15 sec).

    For Maps configuration see
    Click image for larger version  Name:	config.png Views:	98 Size:	29.5 KB ID:	1465848


      Feature development / Reaquests
      There's much more I can do with the Tracdown/Traccar server, including geofeeencig, engine parameters, even driving habbits (see the available API below).

      Any ideas are welcome
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        Ver - Added Devices overview table

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Devices.png
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          Ver - Added Google Maps

          For configuration see

          Note: The location reported by Traccar server can be noisy - even if device is not moving - it still reports changes. Which causes unnecessary Maps API request (can cause unnecessary charges, especially from Google).

          In ver I added a lot of functionality to help avoid this, please read about adjusting the plugin settings:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	device_config.png
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            Ver - Added Geoapify maps
            Ver - Added reverse address geocoding
            Ver - Added geofences


              Ver (PluginLib - Implemented getting measurement units from server, added Bing Maps and LocationIQ maps.

              I did quite a bit of refactoring. So I recommend deleting devices (except for root device which holds server configuration).
              And I suggest checking everything, please let me know if anything is broken.


                Ver - Added Street View device (for supported providers)

                Note: only Google and Bing support Street View at the moment.
                For Google Maps API you need to also enable Street View API in your account
                Alternatively you can disable Street View in device settings


                  Ver - Added log for values changes; Comms log changed to Trace

                  Now if enable Log for device - all values changes will be logged, so you can see your movements in the log


                  For comms troubleshooting need to enable Trace level