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    Release notes

    Version, released 13-09-2021
    • New: Zoom support for the G4 Pro camera
    • New: Wake-on-Lan (WOL) support incl. VLAN forwarding and SecureOn
    • New: Persistent Client images
    • Fix: Unifi OS firmware update stuck on “Updating...”
    • Fix: Bogus “Connected To” feature after “enable multiple properties per client”
    • Fix: Limit login rate (2 minutes)
    Version, released 27-06-2021
    • New: Camera snapshot feature
    • New: Additional client tracking properties
    • New: Events/alerts for Unifi Network
    • New: Support for Unifi Network Power Plugs
    • New: PoE power (wattage)
    • New: Enable/Disable all properties per device or device type
    • Imp: Only retrieve clients active in the last 7 days
    • Fix: After device re-adoptions, actions stopped working
    • Fix: If first PoE port is not the first port, numbering was incorrect
    • Fix: “Forget” client did not remove the client from the plugin
    • Fix: Orphan removal
    Version, released 05-06-2021
    • New: Support for Unifi Protect Floodlight
    • Fix: UNVR device detection
    Version, released 05-05-2021
    • New: Current firmware
    • New: Motion detect trigger time
    • Fix: Auto-detect crash when using non-standard port
    • Fix: Firmware updating status
    Version, released 11-04-2021
    • New: Detect and log 2FA attempts (2FA not supported)
    • Imp: Plugin efficiency
    Version, released 31-03-2021
    • New: Set digital chime duration
    • New: Toggle chime on/off (on restores last chime setting)
    • New: Set Doorbell LCD from event action
    • Fix: Blank setup pages
    • Fix: Network/Protect firmware status
    • Fix: UCKG2 and UNVR device detection
    • Fix: LCD settings for some Doorbell firmware versions
    Version, released 11-03-2021
    • New: Doorbell chime control
    • New: Doorbell LCD control
    • New: Last 20 Motion/Ring/Person/Vehicle images
    • Fix: Internet status for some Access Points
    • Fix: Reconnection after hard disconnect
    Version, released 25-02-2021
    • New: Unifi Viewport support
    • New: UDM as router type added
    • New: Change name of Unifi system in setup
    • New: Overrule default port number
    • Fix: Root device not removed when last feature is removed
    • Fix: No clean-up of old motion images
    • Fix: Failure to retrieve images on some camera types
    • Fix: Crash when Unifi Protect is not installed on UnifiOS
    • Fix: Crash on Linux installations
    • Fix: Missing temperature icons on Linux
    Version, released 16-02-2021
    • Fix: System instability when a Unifi device is enabled as a tracking device
    Version, released 16-02-2021
    • New: Real time ring detection, and last ring feature improvements
    • New: Snapshots of motion, person, vehicle and ring detection
    • Imp: motion detection, should be a tad faster
    • Fix: crash during reboot of a Unifi device
    • Fix: Port # features not being created (again)
    • Fix: creation of duplicate features
    Version, released 11-02-2021
    • New: Throttling for memory, CPU, temperature, transmit, receive and experience features
    • New: Last ring feature for G4 Doorbell
    • Imp: Code and performance optimization
    • Fix: Unnecessary updating of all features
    • Fix: Decimals in CPU load
    • Fix: Port # features not being created
    Version, released 31-01-2021
    • New: Support for multi-site configuration
    • New: Unifi OS, Unifi Network and Unifi Protect firmware feature (Unifi OS only)
    • New: Upgrade device firmware
    • New: Fahrenheit support
    • New: Forget client (setup page)
    • New: Camera LED feature
    • New: Camera IR Led feature
    • New: Camera IR Led sensitivity feature
    • New: Camera HDR feature
    • New: Camera High FPS feature
    • Imp: Site status (setup page)
    • Imp: Sort client tracking list (name, hostname, mac)
    • Imp: Use mac address if device name is not available
    Version, released 25-01-2021
    • New: Support for non-UnifiOS devices (previous gen Cloud Key and Software Controller)
    • New: Support for Unifi Cloud Key Gen2 (non Plus)
    • New: Support for Unifi Protect Network Video Recorder
    • New: Auto detection of device type and supported apps
    • New: Device enable/disable feature
    • New: PoE port cycle feature
    • New: controller and device firmware feature
    • New: device satisfaction feature
    • New: Number of clients feature
    • New: Number of users feature
    • New: Number of guests feature
    • New: Internet status feature
    • New: Unifi network Wifi feature (UnifiOS only)
    • New: Unifi network Health label and score feature (UnifiOS only)
    • New: Remove orphaned devices and tracking clients
    • Imp: Moved device LED functions to own feature
    • Imp: Moved device Locating functions to own feature
    • Imp: Session refresh when expired
    • Imp: Startup performance
    • Imp: Limit the number of configured clients to 5000
    • Fix: Crash on client tracking
    • Fix: Unknown device images
    • Fix: Device config page (JSON view)

    Release, 21-01-2021
    • Initial version