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    rnbHydra: Current Version:

    rnbHydra is a plugin designed to bring together the power of two of the most advanced systems for the smarthome: Hydrawise and HomeSeer. Hydrawise is the Industry-leading technology by Hunter Industries giving you the most powerful Wi-Fi irrigation control solution on the market. With this plugin, you can now integrate Hydrawise into your smart home giving you total control over your irrigation.

    Link to HomeSeer Store:

    Main Features
    • Status reporting of your irrigation controller and zones
    • Start/Stop/Suspend your irrigation
    • Allows Homeseer to trigger events on Hydrawise events & errors
    • HomeSeer HS4 or HS4PRO
    • Compatible with Windows and Linux
    • Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller (by Hunter)
    • Internet Access (both HS4 and Hydrawise)

    Userguide is here: rnbHydra - Userguide

    Overview video is here:

    Setup video is here:

    I utilise a simple issue tracking system for issues/bugs/enhancements with the main reason to ensure I do not miss any issues raised.Issues can be raised from directly within the plugin (preferred method) or issues/bugs can be raised directly at this link.

    Version History
    • (17 Aug 2021)
      • Error in GraphQL accepting suspension date/time format
      • Error in event: Manage zone - suspend
    • (11 Dec 2020)
      • Bugfix: Updated API call due to updated API structure
    • (29 Oct 2020)
      • Test: Conflict between rnbPlugins removed - Linux issue
      • Javascript postback fix (prevented submitting requests)
      • Javascript postback fix (prevented submitting requests)
      • Fix for javascript errors in Setupwizard
      • Fix for "unauthorized" loop error causing plugin to go into endless loop
      • Javscriptp changes to identify/fix issues in wizard
    • (24 Aug 2020)
      • Bugfix: Polling service may go into error and stop
    • (12 Aug 2020)
      • Bugfix: Start All Zones was not starting zones unless a custom time had been entered
    • (09 Aug 2020)
      • Zone names updated to start with controller name after initial install to allow natural grouping
      • New Device added to allow single device manage a controller and zones
      • Error in custom run times for events and devices fixed (custom run timers were incorrectly taken as seconds)
    • - Initial Release (31 July 2020)