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    New User Install Issues

    Hi, I have tried installing the app but it won't complete. After getting the auth code and pasting it in and clicking finish it goes to a screen with a link to run the wizard again. This sceen contains a save and cancel buttons but nothing else.

    When I click on the settings link it also goes to the aforementioned page, the app status stays in awaiting wizard completion.

    I tried to raise a ticket but after entering the details and clicking submit it just stayed there with the spinning "submitting" message. After 5 mins I refreshed the page and it took me back to the "no outstanding tickets" tab.

    I am guessing that after getting the auth code I should be directed to enter my controller details somewhere.

    Hi venno,

    Sounds like the wizard is not completing correctly for some reason.
    Can you share the rnbHydra.ini file from the HomeSeer installed directory. Inside the HomeSeer directoroy there is a folder called Config and the rnbHydra.ini file is inside here.
    The reason for asking for the file is to see if the Hydrawise token is being saved. The token and code are encryted so there is no issue in sharing with me as the encyption key is unique to your computer so I dont have it πŸ˜€. If you are happy to share, please share through private message or by email:
    I'm looking for the following lines in the file:

    I'm also looking for:;

    If the lines access and refresh and token are in the file, thats good news and means its just the final step of the wizard is failing for you for some reason when setup is marked completed. The access token expires after 60mins so once we figure out what’s happening we can definitely get you going while trying to figure out what caused the issue.


      Hi, I'm also in sunny Perth

      Just opened the file and there is only 1 entry under API, the Authorization=yZ0....etc...

      There is a Support section above API that contains 2 entries (Unique, Original) but I'm not sure these are relevant to the issue.

      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling then running the wizard again but the same result occurs.


        Hi venno, that sounds like we have a javascript issue on your side.
        I need to quickly have a look at another Hydrawise issue and then I may put a BETA in the system with increased logging to help us see where its failing and why.
        I will get back to you either in a few hours or tomorrow morning.

        The support section numbers is only used to group all your support requests together.



          Hi, just to let you know I run HS on a Ubuntu VM and use latest firefox as browser and it has javascript enabled by default.


            Hi venno ... I've posted a BETA update to HomeSeer (v4.0.0.4).
            If you go to Plugins menu and click Add, you should now see rnbHydra appear twice in the menu - one as the official version ( and the other as a beta ( version.
            Can you install the BETA and let me know if you still still the issue with the wizard not finishing.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	rnbHydra_BETA.png Views:	0 Size:	8.1 KB ID:	1429029

            If this fixes your issue, I'll post as the full update and remove the BETA. If this doesn't fix your issue, I'll work on the next BETA to get it fixed for you.



              Okay, here we go.....

              I uninstalled v.03 and installed v.04 (beta). I ran the wizard and got same result as before. I tried a few more times and with no luck.

              I started to look at each part of the process and examine the changes (or lack of) in the ini file (as per your post). I deduced that the auth was getting set by wizard but I guess the system expects a response to get the further details (as detailed in your post). I looked at the code that is obtained from Hunter and discovered that when using the copy button button on their website and then windows paste to place it into the wizard, a leading space is present in the wizard submission.

              I repeated the process and deleted the leading space and the wizard went thru to allowing the finish button to be clicked. This results in the response details being recorded in the ini file but the "SetupComplete=True'' is not being set. The settings page also displays nothing (as per my prev post). I manually placed this parameter in the ini file and rebooted HS and upon system startup the wizard is now complete, the settings page and control page are correct and my devices have been created

              I unisntalled and deleted all app data and rebooted. I repeated this whole process with v.03 and it performed exactly as above also.

              So there are 2 bugs:

              1. The leading space in the copy/paste auth code
              2. The setup complete parameter not being written to ini file

              For reference here is the ini file that I have in my system (note I have redacted the file and used place holders for personal data):

              old_access=No Token
              old_refresh=No Token
              old_token=No Token
              SetupComplete=True ! note I added this manually
              My Controller=numbers
              [My Controller]


                Thanks venno.
                I tested earlier this evening and didn't have the leading space - either way an easy fix as I can remove white space at begining and end. The Hunter Hydrawise auth redirects back to my website where I present the code and give you the copy button so I can also look at that code but again easy fix as I get remove white space at the begining and end here also to make doubley sure we dont see this issue again.

                On the SetupComplete - this is still a problem where HomeSeer is not receiving input form the webpage so I'll keep looking at that and prob strip back a bit of the javasript code.

                Glad you're up and running πŸ˜€

                I'll put the fix in for the leading space, have a quick look at stripping back the javascript and then release the updated version (will be tomorrow to HomeSeer and it normally takes them about a day to release then (BETA's I can self release πŸ˜€ )

                If you have any other problems, please reach out to me.