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Automatic adding from different subnet?

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    Automatic adding from different subnet?

    Hey There,

    New to Shelly and this plugin. I have just added my first device to the APP and all looking good. I want to get it into Homeseer, so thought I would try this plugin.

    My smart home devices, such as the Shelly Flood sensor I added, are on a separate IoT subnet. A different subnet to my Homeseer server. Traffic is allowed from one subnet to the other. Will this plugin still detect it or does it only look on the subnet that the server is on?

    Many thanks

    I can't delete this thread, so will update this one...

    It appears it can. It took 2 hours, but it found it on the alternate subnet

    Hi there,

    mDNS (Zeroconf) discovery is hard to predict. Sometimes you need to enable mDNS traffic explicitly in the router.

    Are you on Windows or Linux? If on Windows:
    1. I include ShellyScanner.exe app in the installer - you can list the devices without using HS
    2. For most reliable discovery I always recommend installing Apple Bonjour Service - after restarting the plugin it will switch automatically to use MonoZeroconf discovery (using Bonjour provider)

    On Linux there's only one choice - Avahi browser, but it's also possible to install Bonjour provider.

    And in the worst case it's possible to add devices to the plugin manually.