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Shelly Motion Detector error since v4.0.0.53

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    Yep, just that. After it seemed to be setup and working as I described yesterday I just renamed it in the HomeSeer console and left it.
    This morning, the old device name has re-appeared as a duplicate, albeit with a new device ID, and the log was full of errors.

    I've had to disable the plug-in again and I've deleted both devices so I'm back to square one. I've also removed the I/O URL actions from the Shelly device using the phone app as you can't seem to do it using the devices own webpage. However I'm fairly certain if I reboot the device, the URL actions will reappear with old device ID's in them.


      Ok, thank you.

      What do you mean by "if I reboot the device, the URL actions will reappear with old device ID's in them"? Reboot the motion sensor? And URL will reappear in the mobile app?


        Seems that way.

        Here's what it looks like after I've removed these 2 entries and saved them from the webpage or the phone app.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Shelly4.png Views:	19 Size:	504.5 KB ID:	1478486

        And this is after rebooting the device from the webpage.
        I've removed my user & password which have also magically re-appeared!

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Shelly5.png Views:	15 Size:	478.6 KB ID:	1478487


          If you restart the plugin, then yes, it should set the action URLs, but rebooting the sensor itself? I think there's a bug in Shelly app, you don't even need to reboot the sensor, it shows that the urls are deleted, but then if you quit this settings screen (or may be the app) - and come back - the settings are still there. So it doesn't save the changes.


            Ok, it happened to me now, after I updated ShellyMotion Firmware, nothing to do with renaming. Now I should be able to fix the problem Solarfire


              Yeah, Shelly confirmed that they change the Actions API - only for Shelly Motion.

              Which is a bit inconvenient now - because the interface is not consistent with other Shelly devices and needs different handling.


                Ver - Work on changed Actions URL for Shelly Motion

                In new Firmware for Shelly Motion they changed the format for getting/setting Actions URLs, which is now inconsistent with all other Shelly devices.

                In ver I implemented the new format for reading the URLs, so it doesn't crash.

                But for setting the URLs I'm waiting for explanations from Shelly. So the existing motion sensors should continue working, but new sensors won't be able to set the action URLs, until I get the reply from Shelly.


                  Glad you’ve not only experienced the same issue but have managed to get to the bottom of it as well. I’ll try out the update tomorrow and provide feedback


                    Ver - Fixing setting actions URLs. Please test.