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Plugin on start-up overwrites Action URLs

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    Plugin on start-up overwrites Action URLs

    Originally posted by juande View Post
    Hi Alex
    In my setup I have several shelly devices that have been running perfectly. In particular I have a shelly ix3 sensor switch attached to a physical switch that is configured to control another shelly device in the action section of the ix3 device as show in the picture.

    As you can see, your plugin configures automatically the first entry, and the second entry is the manual call I introduced to control manually the device from the physical switch.

    So, now that I have changed the HS4 port from 80 to 8080, every time I actuate on the physical switch these actions are called but now the first one is producing a timeout which is delaying the rest of actions and it's very annoying.

    If I add manually the port to the first call this is, everything works again flawless.

    The problem here is that every time HS4 is restarted your plugin checks for the url, and makes 2 changes to my configuration that create problems again:
    1. Puts the original call to HS WITHOUT the 8080 port, this is, It thinks is on the port 80 again, which is not the case, so we have again the timeout
    2. Erases my manual call to control the device (the 2nd call in the picture)
    This is very frustrating as I cannot progress in my new setup now

    Is there any way to control this?

    Thanks in advance



    Click image for larger version  Name:	Capto_Capture 2021-08-17_06-40-23_p. m..png Views:	15 Size:	115.8 KB ID:	1489856
    I'll fix it, but might take time