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Questions for HS3 to HS4 Upgrade

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    Questions for HS3 to HS4 Upgrade

    I understand the new plugin is designed for HS4. I upgraded my HS3 install to HS4 - seems to have gone OK. The HS3 AKShelly plugin is working with HS4. But of course I'd like to update the plugin as well to take advantage of Plug support. My questions are:
    1) Does/can the HS4 plugin use any settings files from the HS3 plugin?
    2) Can the new plugin use my old HS3 AKShelly devices, or do I have to create all new devices and events? Any way to use old devices?
    3) I installed the HS4 plugin, but it is not adopting old devices or creating new devices. Is manual device creation required, or do I have to fiddle with discovery settings?


    Hometroller S6 w/ HS3Pro, Way2Call
    BLAB8SS, BL Backup, Easy Trigger, HSTouch, Open Sprinkler, SONOS, Ultra1Wire3, UltraM1G, WeatherXML, Z-Wave

    I answered the question a couple of days ago

    Unfortunately, it's too much hustle to upgrade devices and settings from HS3 to HS4, and it's not really clean, so it reduces reliability. So clean new install is better option, sorry.