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Plugin not working after v4 upgrade

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    Originally posted by w.vuyk View Post


    When I look at the log you posted to many things are going wrong, not only with the JowiHue plugin.
    I most certainly worry about the very many Homeseer warning with errors on devices. All different kind of devices even from different plugins. Also other plugins are throwing errors.

    Could you check if you are following the correct procedure? I hear you saying you copy HS3 over the HS4 installation. I might be wrong, but I think it should be the other way arround.
    Make sure the HS3 installation is active and working without errors. Deinstal HS3, saving the settings during deinstallation. Then install HS4 over the same directory and let
    HS4 run on it, with the HS3 plugins active. Make sure HS4 is running stable with the HS3 plugins (let it run for a day maybe to make sure all is ok?)
    Then do the upgrade per plugin, one by one. And make sure each one is running without errors before moving to the next.
    When you want to start on the JowiHue plugin, make sure to enable the detailed tracing and log to file options in the OLD plugin before upgrading
    This will make sure the conversion of the plugin is logged. Then upgrade the plugin and make sure the conversion is finished. Then disable the verbose logging and trace to file option in the settings of the plugin. You will then find a log file as \Homeseer installation dir\Logs\JowiHue.log. Sen dthis file to jowihue at ziggo dot nl?
    Hi Wim,

    All working now, thank´s for your support




      That is great news! 🤗 Was really hoping this could help. Thanks for letting me know!

      -- Wim

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