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Battery life.

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    Battery life.

    After 2 years one of my hue dimmer battery started to report, 50% , than 42%, than 37 % than 42%. I have been alerted by easytrigger ( dynamic battery group ) plugin via pushover with a global variable created by easytrigger. At that point this is my threshold ... I have replaced the battery.
    I have to say that I am quite impressed.
    This is the second device I replace the battery ( one was the kitchen hue motion ( which is triggered often)... but it was at something like 70.% 3 month ago. This motion sensors was the first one I bought ).

    All other sensors present 100% ( mostly xiaomi, ) .One is at 80... another hue motion sensors. But I will check how low it cans go this time

    How does battery life go for you?

    edit : Buying all these cr batteries is really cheap on amazon.

    I drain the batteries to 10% and they keep functioning fine. I even have one Philip Hue motion sensor I put to the max. It has been functioning for 3 years and 5 months so far.
    It is reporting 0% since 2 months now, but still functions!
    Not sure how long this will last still, but I like the battery life for sure.


    -- Wim

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