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Xiaomi Mijia Light Sensor HS3 vs HS4

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    Xiaomi Mijia Light Sensor HS3 vs HS4

    Hi Wim,

    I'm running v4.0.2.0 of the HS4 plugin on HS4 v4.1.1.0 on Windows 10 (on Hyper-V VM).

    I moved the DeConZ app to the new HS4 machine as well, but couldn't figure out where the IP address of the bridge (Conbee) is stored and ending up adding the bridge as a new one. The 2 lights I had have come across fine, but I couldn't get the 5 light sensors to come to life, so deleted them and re-added.

    Type: ZHALightLevel (Light Level)
    Model: lumi.sen_ill.mgl01 (LUMI)

    In HS3, the light values I had set on the HS devices were in the range 0-51000 (which is what the status/graphics pairs were set up to accommodate).

    In HS4, I am getting values between 0 and about 7000 in the HS4 devices, even through the status/graphics pairs have been created i nthe range 0-51000.

    I have tried setting and un-setting the "Show Lux values for LightLevel sensors" but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Ideally i'd like the old 0-51000 value range back, as I had a lot of events set up to react to light levels. Could you have a look when you get a chance?

    Thanks very much,



    I had the method for lightlevel changed a bit. apparently something went wrong on this. I will revert that change in the next version of HS4 JowiHue


    -- Wim

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      Confirmed fixed in v4.0.2.1 which I just installed. Thanks very much.