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Unable to add Xiaomi Motion Sensor:

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    Unable to add Xiaomi Motion Sensor:

    I successfully added Xiaomi Motion Sensor v20170627 to Phoscon deCONZ:
    Commercial Version - 2.05.75
    Build with Qt 5.7.1
    Commit 71fe2c67d1563dbcad05eda7ab4d48d71218f90b
    Firmware: 264A0700

    However, HS4 JowiHue Plug-in can't create a device for it in HS4.
    Note: I've successfully added three identical sensors in the past to HS3 and JowiHue for HS3. These three sensors are working perfectly fine after HS3->HS4 upgrade. However, I can't add an additional sensor on HS4.

    HS4 Log:
    12:50:57:5074:[Info]->Creating device for LightLevel 41 of sensor type ZHALightLevel
    12:50:57:5090:[Info]->Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    12:50:57:5189:[Info]->Creating device for Presence 42 of sensor type ZHAPresence
    12:50:57:5197:[Info]->Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Date/time=7/11/2020 12:30:40 PM PDT
    Version=HS4 Pro Edition (Linux)
    Uptime=0 Days 22 Hours 52 Minutes 55 Seconds
    Lan IP= (HomeSeer-MacMini.local)
    Device Count=690
    Event Count=105
    Plugins Enabled=Z-Wave:,Rachio:,Chromecast:,RFXCOM:,JowiHue:
    Modules/Threads=220 Modules, 10 Threads
    Available Threads=1199
    HomeSeer Memory Used=297 Mbytes
    Plugins Installed=Chromecast,JowiHue,Rachio,RFXCOM,weatherXML,Z-Wave

    Will try to check here, but I have the same motion sensors here and on a new installation they added fine. So I might have to aske for another trace on this?
    -- Wim

    Plugins: JowiHue, RFXCOM, Sonos4, Jon00's Perfmon and Network monitor, EasyTrigger, Pushover 3P, rnbWeather, BLBackup, AK SmartDevice, Pushover, PHLocation, Zwave, GCalseer, SDJ-Health, Device History, BLGData

    1210 devices/features ---- 392 events ----- 40 scripts


      Thanks! Just let me know what additional trace you need.