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Trying out the plug-in, things seem not right

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    Trying out the plug-in, things seem not right

    Just installed a new ConBeeII, loaded the deConz and Phoscon software, paired a new Aqara temp/humidity/pressure sensor.

    First problem I noticed, and not the fault of the plug-in, the temp sensor does not report battery after being paired... hence the JowiHue plugin never creates the child device. The battery is reported sometime later, which is turn creates a child device that is not grouped with the others. So it seems do not try to scan for new devices until the device is stable in Phoscon.

    Second problem is the display, see below. Some random | separators are added with additional white space.

    Click image for larger version

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    Third issue, why is the reading for barometric/atmosphere pressure labeled as "kWh" , ie, power?

    All insights appreciated, this is my first effort at using ZigBee devices.

    Figured out the cause for extra white space, child devices are getting created with blank entries for Location1 and Location2, which is troubling.


      The second issue, missing of the floor information for features is addressed in the next version. Discovered it last weekend myself too. Same with the confusion of Hpa and kWh here, this is also solved, but to correct it you will have to reset the status pairs with the new version (will be in the JowiHue tab of the device properties)

      The battery issue is something I have to look at here, it should be joining the parent device normally.

      -- Wim

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        w.vuyk , appreciate the insights and attention. To me it's obvious you've made a lot more progress to proper/creative ZigBee integration than the HST ZigBee plug-in, so I definitely want to invest my $$ where it will make the most sense. Let me know if there's anything you need from me to help troubleshoot. These Aqara sensors are cheap and small, I want to hopefully standardize on them and build out my Zigbee network so I'm not locked into one technology over another.