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HomeAssistant installed DeConz and Jowihue

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    HomeAssistant installed DeConz and Jowihue

    I have been trying to run a deconz install within HA and then allow it to be seen in HS4/Jowihue.
    So far no joy, occasionally it gets seen but most of the time no.

    I can access the Phoscon using the ip:40850 but you can't use that in HS4.

    When running discover for deconz, it gives a completely different IP address to the host. Its proably due to some NAT in the mix.

    {"id":"00212EFFFF04F2FC","internalipaddress":" "," macaddress":"00212EFFFF04F2FC","internalport":40850,"name":" Phoscon-HA","publicipaddress":""}

    Just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to resolve it.


    I do not know what you want to achieve? Why do you want the plugin to 'see' HA? At least that is what I understand here? I do not really know HA, the plugin is only working with Philips Hue bridges and deCONZ gateways. Why add a middleman to this?

    The plugin should function fine with port 40850, but with a direct connection to deCONZ, not through HA?

    -- Wim

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