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Move Deconz to new machine (new IP address)

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    Move Deconz to new machine (new IP address)

    I am trying to move my Conbee stick to an new machine where I have installed HS4. Everything is working ok with Homseer if I plug the Conbee into the old machine (which I want to decommission). But moving the stick to the new machine, I can't get the plugin to reconnect to the same stick but using the Deconz instance onthe new machine with the new IP address.

    Where is the IP address of the bridge stored so I can edit it? Can't find it in any .ini file or or in the jowihue.db



    It is saved in the bridge device itself. What you can do is (although I did not yet test it fully yet in HS4) stopping the plugin, then remove ONLY the bridge device and restart the plugin.
    Within 5 minutes after the restart it should recreate the bridge device, with all devices still connected to it.
    As I did not 100% test it myself, make sure to have a backup from the Homeseer data directories (especially the json stuff.

    -- Wim

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