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Light group delayed response to scene change

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    Both issues are unexpected. I have no clue why the plugin is throwing the crash. Hard to do, but a verbose logging might have pointed at something. The plugin recreating the log is pointing at something. I do have a suspect here, which I have altered. But this issue would mainly point at the 'old administration' in the device was already having a issue.
    Solved that part, but still cannot think of a reason for the plugin to crash like this on it.

    Anyway, for now the issue is gone on the crash.
    I have no clue why the group is not updating here for you. Her I am surprised to see a delay on group updates can get a speedy update like I am seeing. Funny how the plugin can behave different from two locations...

    Can you send me a verbose logging on the group update?
    1. set verbose logging and log to file options (with the beta plugin active)
    2. Stop and restart the plugin
    3. Let the plugin initialize and make sure the group device is off
    4. then trigger the scene and let the lights go on.
    5. Wait the 1 minute and if the device for group brightness has bee set to the dim value stop the trace by disabling verbose logging and trace to file
    6. Check the \Logs subdirectory for the JowiHue.log file
    7. Send me this log file?

    Send it to jowihue at ziggo dot nl?


    -- Wim

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      Just so you know, if the plugin just starts and the first time a scene is triggered everything updates immediately. Once I switch to another scene then the delays introduce, so I'll add another scene change after the first.