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Temperature and humidity update interval

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    Temperature and humidity update interval

    Hi Guys,

    On a steep learning curve on Zigbee and Deconz (90% of my devices are Zwave or wifi) and I can't see to find a straight answer on something. I have recently bought some of the Sonoff SNZB-02 Temperature and Humidity Sensors to use to activate exhaust fans in bathrooms.

    I have these loaded up in Deconz by the default method (with the lasted Decon Version), but the batteries seem to go flat FAST. I have another Zigbee Temp and humidity sensor from another vendor, and the battery has lasted over 5 mths and looks good as a percentage.

    Is there a way to adjust the transmission interval on ZigBee devices? This device seems to update every 5 mins. The one with the better battery seems to be 15mins.

    I also think that you can transmit on a % change of temp or humidity, rather than whenever a small change is triggered. This would be my preferred trigger, as it mainly should trigger when there is a big change in Humidity.

    I know this isn't specifically a JowiHue question, but the HomeSeer Forums have always treated me well!!!

    Any help or tips greatly appreciated!!!

    Until now I have not found a method to slow or speed reporting of a device to deCONZ. That does not mean it is not there, but as far I know each sensor reports on a factory set period. Maybe with tinkering into deCONZ you can change settings, but on report level I am not sure it is even possible.

    I have few different sensors here and for temperature the Philips and aqara brands are lasting two years and more here. I do not know the Sonoff devices by experience. But the device is a very much look-alike to my aqara weather sensor..
    But those sensors report as soon temperature changes and (for Aqara) the standard reporting - if nothing changes - is once per hour. That is why often initial creation of devices in HS shows a battery level of 0%, but after some time (an hour or so) the actual battery is reported.

    Was it the first battery that went down fast? Or maybe it was drained already before delivery?


    -- Wim

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