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Issue Registering HS4 JowiHue on Linux

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    Issue Registering HS4 JowiHue on Linux

    I realize its likely not an issue on your end, but wanted to make you aware that I am having an issue Registering the HS4 version of the plugin under my Linux install of HS4 Standard.

    I've put in a ticket on this. Posting here in case anyone has run into this and knows if I may be missing something somewhere...

    *** Edit *** So I was thinking about it, and I recently paid for an upgrade from the HS3 legacy to HS4. Do I need to install the HS3 Legacy plugin first and register it for it to work?

    No need to have the HS3 version running first I think?
    To be honest I never checked that, you might best ask support about that. But if anywhere in the future you would need to re-install you might no longer have the HS3 version at hand. So I doubt if this is needed.

    I am pretty sure there are other Linux users that have upgraded as well, so either this might be an issue with the latest HS4 version or the license code. Sending to support was the best option But thanks for the trust you gave me here!
    -- Wim

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      No problem -- the situation cleared up later - not sure if they checked on something when they saw my ticket come in (haven't gotten a response on it...)

      It was after a system restart that it worked, but I had restarted several times earlier when I was having an issue, so I don't believe it was as simple as that... Anyway, wanted to pass along the knowledge!