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GLEDOPTO usb 5v zigbee

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    GLEDOPTO usb 5v zigbee

    Does anyone have any experience with these Gledopto 5v usb zigbee led controllers ?

    model: GL-MC-001

    I just got 2 and they work great with Jowihue HS4 for about day then lose connection and I can't control them without manually unplugging and plugging them back in

    all devices are created in HS4 and work great... for less than a day. kind of defeats the purpose

    I am using them as under bed lighting

    I don't see a way to update the firmware


    I upgraded deconz and my conbee 2 usb to version 2.05.86 and so far the disconnects seem like they stopped happening. it has been 2 days now


      So it might have been an issue on the deCONZ software after all? Nice that this got solved then

      Thanks for letting us know
      -- Wim

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