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GE Smart Bulbs misbehaving

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    GE Smart Bulbs misbehaving

    I have two GE zigbee bulbs in my bedroom. Recently I noticed when I turned them on they didn't come on to full bright. I thought that was weird, but again it was nice as I usually turn them on at bedtime and I quite like the lower level. After they started doing this everytime I took a look in HS and see the following. They are responding to on and off commands fine - except they are not turning on to full bright. But they are showing unreachable in the device. Any thoughts? Thanks.
    Click image for larger version

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    The status unreachable can mean two things with the current plugin. When the lights are connected to the Philips Hue bridge, the bridge reports then as being unreachable (bad signal) This can be the result of interference signals in the surrounding between bridge and nearest routers (lights are routers). Or the distance between the lights and other lights/bridge is to far.

    In the case of deCONZ (latest versions) it means a light does not report regularly. In that case the plugin sets the light unreachable by itself. I am not sure about the frequency of reporting from the GE bulbs, am using a timeout here that is based on Philips and IKEA lights. If yu are using the deCONZ gateway I could change the value for the timeout to be more tolerant fot the GE Bulbs maybe in the next release?

    But being unreachable should not change the behavior of the bulb when a command is send. Probably the lights last known state (on the bulb itself) is at low level? If I need to have a light on at a certain level I sent a dim command here myself. Especially when using the possibility to let lights dim to off with a transition time will leave the last known level of a light at a low level..

    -- Wim

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      Thanks - after not being reachable for about a week they are now fine. I am not sure what caused them to be unreachable - nothing has changed on my Philips Hue setup so I am assuming some other interference has been happening.